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Wedding favours are increasingly becoming a popular element within a wedding. Although many feel it might be an expense they can’t afford, if you combine your place name and wedding favour into one, it makes it much more affordable. It also adds a very personal touch to the day. Below are some examples of favours and combined favours.

  1. Get Cosy and Keep Warm

Even if your wedding is inside it’s nice to put aside an area where you can place a basket with throws or blankets to keep guests warm. This works really well beside a smoking area or thrown over the back of chairs outside. These can be bought cheaply from shops like Heaton’s or Primark. Cosy up!!

Winter Wedding Favour Ideas 1

  1. Take Away Hot Chocolate Pots

I love this idea for a winter wedding favour! These jars can also double up as place names with the simple addition of a tag or piece of coloured card with the handwritten name on it! Fill your jars with a good quality hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and chocolate chips for a delicious treat your guests can enjoy when they get home.

Winter Wedding Favour Ideas 2

  1. Pine Cone Fire Lighter Favours

These are a great favour for your winter wedding guests! Cheap and readily available, pine cones give off a great smell when burnt in the fire. Just dip them in wax, allow to cool and add your guests name for your place card and wedding favour combo in one!

Winter Wedding Favour Ideas 7

  1. A Small Bottle Of Your Favour Drinks

To be enjoyed at dinner or as a late night tipple, giving your guests a miniature bottle of alcohol will keep them happy (maybe too happy) and dancing all night long! Add their name to the bottle and it will double up as a place card. Genius!

Winter Wedding Favour Ideas 4

  1. Coffee to Go!

This is a great favour for coffee lovers. Even if some of your guests don’t drink coffee, they’ll know someone that will. Just buy some good quality ground coffee or grind up some yourself (you could even try mixing two of your favourite blends), package in some traditional brown paper bags and personalise.

Winter Wedding Favour Ideas 5

  1. Warm your toes (and your heart)!

Who doesn’t like a hot water bottle snuggled up in between their toes on a frosty winter’s night? Love!! This favour is better suited to smaller weddings or those without a budget but try wholesalers online for the best bargains. If it’s too much of an expense for all your wedding guests then why not give them as gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen with personalised tags.

Winter Wedding Favour Ideas 6

  1. New Years Eve Wedding Favour

If you are lucky enough to have a New Years Eve wedding, then giving your guests a miniature bottle of champagne to pop open and enjoy when they ring in the New Year with you as a newly married couple sounds perfect to me. A bit of DIY gold glitter will add the perfect touch. Try wholesalers for the best prices and deals!

Winter Wedding Favour Ideas 7

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